Acne Scar Treatment

Acne Scar Removal Treatment in Amravati by the best Dermatologist - Dr. Pallavi's Murkey

Even the prestigious doctors are unable to provide a prominent permanent solution to acne scars. This is because they lack in proper diagnosis of kind of acne, causes & specific skin conditions.

What Acne scars?

Active breakouts are frustrating enough, but the scars acne can leave behind can feel downright diabolical. The good news is that acne scars can be treated. Scars are formed when a breakout penetrates the skin deeply and damages the tissues beneath it.

Here are certain signs and symptoms of acne given below.

Acne can be mild, moderate, or severe. In severe cases, acne can cause painful, pus-filled bumps, called nodules or cysts, beneath the skin’s surface. Moderate acne tends to cause red bumps and pus-filled pimples. Mild acne causes less irritated whiteheads or blackheads with or without a few red bumps or pustules.

Four Types

Acne scars are mainly of four types and they depend on the appearance of the blemishes and their developments. Before starting the treatment process, identifying the right type is essential to apply the most effective cure for this problem.

Who Gets Acne Scars

Though acne is a very common skin problem that everyone more or less has, the acne scars can be caused severely for some people. Below are a few examples where the possibility of causing acne scar is higher.

What causes Acne Scar?

When acne appears on the skin, it not only damages the skin but also affects the tissue beneath it. When your body heals acne, it also tries to repair the damages.