Hair Loss Treatment

Hair Loss/Fall Treatment in Amravati

Dr. Pallavi's Murkey is one of the best & experienced Dermatologists. He has the best treatment for hair loss or hair fall in Amravati, India. Treatment starts with the diagnosis. With unique diagnosis ability, Dr. Pallavi's Murkey is able to treat many patients suffering from hair loss.

Shedding of 50 to 100 hairs is a completely normal process. When a hair sheds, it gets replaced by a new hair from the follicle which is just below the surface. Hair is formed from a protein, which is of the same type as found in fingernails and toenails.


In the first stage, hair grows at half an inch every month. The rate increases in summer and reduces in winter. On an average, it takes place in 3 to 5 years, with Asians undergoing maximum tenure of anagen, which is for 7 years. Where full length hair average is about 18 to 30 inches, for Asians it’s up to 1m. This is the active hair growth phase.

Anxiety and Stress

In present day world, it is the primary reason behind hair loss. More than mental stress, physical and emotional stress can also result in gradual loss of hair. People prone to be anxious, also have higher chance of losing their treasure. Hair loss from tensions only reduces when there’s lesser stress or when person is involved in few relaxing techniques like yoga, exercise or meditation.

Although the term “hair loss” may seem to be the same, however it is different for everyone due to its distinct pattern. Most importantly, the specific pattern of hair loss determines the best possible treatment to regain lost hair and control further hair loss. Overall, hair loss can be classified into the following categories.

It is nothing but alopecia areata where hair follicles are attacked by the body’s own immune system as it cannot recognize its own blood cells. It causes extensive loss of hair in two ways- one by shedding entire hair from the head and two, loss of hair from the body.