Skin Allergy


Your immune system is responsible for defending the body against bacteria and viruses. In some cases, your immune system will defend against substances that typically don’t pose a threat to the human body. These substances are known as allergens, and when your body reacts to them, it causes an allergic reaction. Allergies— be them seasonal, skin, sinus, flu, or congestion are a misery. What is even more tormenting is that people barely get relieved of it permanently in spite of plenty of OTC drugs, oral medications, home remedies etc.

Types of Allergic Skin Rashes

Atopic dermatitis occurs mostly in young children, although it also occur in young adults, and continue through adult life. The rash of atopic dermatitis, known as eczema, occurs when a person scratches.

Hair Dye Allergy Causes, Prevention & Treatment

If we are talking about allergies, then there is one kind of skin allergy that is very popular & that is Hair Dye Allergy.