Our philosophy is that skin health is a lifestyle, not just units, syringes, pills, or creams. It is restoring and maintaining healthy, clear, youthful skin by partnering with dermatology and medical aesthetic specialists to create a comprehensive, customized plan to meet your individual needs.

Over the last few years, people have realized the increased requirements of aesthetic medical technology. At Dr. Pallavi Murkey's Daryav Advanced Cosmetology & Laser Center, a systematic approach to skin care is followed apart from the treatment of the damaging effects of sun exposure to achieve results that were not possible earlier.

Unlike olden times, treatment options are available much more easily these days and are less invasive than the surgery. Laser treatments of facial veins, sagging skin, brown spots and fine wrinkles have become effective technologies. Our philosophy is simple – we believe in putting our patients first. We strive hard to accommodate every individual’s requirements and needs. Our aim lies in offering the highest quality service in a comfortable environment. We take pride in personalizing each treatment for our clients. Skin is a personal issue and we are elated to educate our children about the kind of skin care regimen they require; their treatment options and make knowledgeable choices for themselves.